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Cliff Shelters and Hiding Complexes: The Jewish...
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Cliff Shelters and Hiding Complexes: The Jewish Defense Methods in Galilee During the Roman Period:The Speleological and Archaeological Evidence. 1. Edition 2019 Yinon Shivti´el

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Mel Bay The Magnificient Darbuka Rhythms + Cd -...
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Media Type : Chart+CDLevel : BeginningMusical Genre : World MusicNumber of pages : 3It gives us great pleasure to present the venerable tradition of playing the darbuka drum using a method that makes it easy to hear and simple to learn. The rhythms which will introduce you to this enchanted world have been chosen with care and are played by Ramzi Besharat and the Galilee Percussion Ensemble. Slow rhythms (played at a slow pace) are customary in artistic music; Rhythms used in both artistic and popular music; Fast-paced rhythms (played at a lively pace) and Rhythms used in popular or folk music.

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